Learn to Solder: For DIY Pedals and Hobby Electronics Last updated: 2024-03-18

Learn How to Solder

for DIY guitar pedals, synth, and other hobby electronics

written by Mark A. Stratman, from MAS Effects

In frequenting the various forums for DIY pedal building, I've seen hundreds of failed projects due to bad soldering. Worse, since each was typically the builder's first pedal, there was a lot of disappointment and despair, not to mention wasted time and money.

To help more people have an easier, gentler introduction to the hobby, I wrote this book and created the accompanying video. and soldering practice kit. The kit is even included for free with every MAS Effects Beginner Pedal Kit.

When you finish this book (and/or video) and do the corresponding practice, you will be comfortable and proficient with a soldering iron and have a solid base of knowledge to be confident in any hobby electronics project.